Foodie weekends

I’ve had a couple of foodie weekends in September. The Hamble Valley Food Festival, Winchester Farmer’s Market (not a food festival but it was still a Foodie day!) and The Hampshire Food and Music Emporium. The Hamble Valley Food Festival and the Winchester Farmer’s Market had lots of little stalls that you can try and […]

Crayfish Party

You wouldn’t have guessed where I went for the crayfish party…. IKEA! It was so much fun. I went with my family and my cousin’s family too. It was in the IKEA restaurant and it was so cheap for the tickets! The restaurant was decorated with lots of crayfish related decorations and a ABBA tribute […]

Lymington Seafood Festival

I love a good food festival! This was in Lymington and they usually do the seafood festival in August. I went to this last year with my parents and went again this year because my parents love seafood! It was very windy this year but it didn’t stop us from going and eating haha. They […]

Belated Father’s and Mother’s Day dinner

Where: The Jetty, Harbour Hotel, Southampton Since I don’t celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day, I thought it would be nice to have a combined dinner. I’ve never been to The Jetty before but my friend said it was nice so I booked us a table. It was good for seafood but since I had seafood […]

Night of seafood

Where: Cuttlefish, Oxford Now, this place for seafood was well worth it. We walked passed this restaurant when we were walking to the Oxford Botanic Gardens. We noticed 2 tables that had a huge platter of seafood and my dad wanted to go there for dinner. All the staff there were very attentive and they […]

Pan Pan Street Food

I love street food as I think it is more authentic to what you usually get in a big restaurant. My family and I went to Oxford for a day out on Sunday and we were hungry from the drive. We didn’t know what to eat in Oxford so we chose a place that was […]

Mum’s cooking

I think I mentioned my mum, sister, niece and nephew are over from Hong Kong and Singapore. They only come back for 2/3 months a year… So when my parents are cooking dinner you can’t really say no! So I skipped the gym to stay in with my mum whilst my sister was out. I […]

Family dinner

Who doesn’t like a family dinner. You’re all sat together having a good old catch up, laughing and eating (a lot). Last night we went round to my cousin’s house for a roast and my god it was nice! We had 2 types of roast chicken (poached and bbq) and lamb ribs. We also had […]


My sister, niece, nephew and my mum arrived in the UK this month for a 2 months holiday. It’s nice when they come over during the summer so we can go out and do stuff. So yesterday we went to Winchester to have brunch and we went to Josie’s. It was a nice chilled vibe […]

Sharing food? Nah!

Where: All Bar One, Southampton OK, so it wasn’t really busy at All Bar One… And yet our food took an age to arrive! I was getting a little hangry! A couple of friends and I came here after I was finished at the gym so I was epically hungry! I ordered from the tapas/sharing […]

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