Family dinner

Who doesn’t like a family dinner. You’re all sat together having a good old catch up, laughing and eating (a lot).

Last night we went round to my cousin’s house for a roast and my god it was nice!

We had 2 types of roast chicken (poached and bbq) and lamb ribs. We also had roasted vegetables, stuffing, yorkshire pudding and mashed potato.

The chicken was nice and moist, I had the brown meat; so the thighs. I tend to go for the brown meat rather than the breast as I think the breast is quite dry.

The lamb ribs were falling off the bone with a simple onion and herb rub. The meat was so soft!

We had a lot of meat last night and then for dessert we had chocolate éclairs. The éclairs were only from ASDA but they were still very nice!

The kids loved the roast as they don’t really have roast in Singapore. My niece and nephew are based in Singapore; where obviously the food is wayyyy better but they love the simple food too. They love eating just like their aunt 😀


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