Did someone say steak?!

Where: Miller and Carter, Southampton I planned a surprise birthday dinner for my dad’s 70th and I wanted it to be a special one so we went to Miller and Carter. My cousin’s husband said it was brilliant so we’ve had our hopes on this place being super lush! So we had my family and […]

Mum’s cooking

I think I mentioned my mum, sister, niece and nephew are over from Hong Kong and Singapore. They only come back for 2/3 months a year… So when my parents are cooking dinner you can’t really say no! So I skipped the gym to stay in with my mum whilst my sister was out. I […]

Family dinner

Who doesn’t like a family dinner. You’re all sat together having a good old catch up, laughing and eating (a lot). Last night we went round to my cousin’s house for a roast and my god it was nice! We had 2 types of roast chicken (poached and bbq) and lamb ribs. We also had […]

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